Sandra Lofland-Brown
Author and Cancer Survivor
Sandra Lofland-Brown
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Sandra Lofland-Brown was born and raised in Indiana, graduating from St. Mary of the Woods College, married, raised four children, while working as a Social Worker in the Prevention of Child Abuse.  Sandra is a survivor of Breast Cancer.  She lives in Indiana with her husband, Ken Brown.
Cancer is Tough, Be Tougher
With Your Attitude, Motivation, and Faith
by Sandra Lofland-Brown

Sandra Lofland-Brown writes about real life and the challenges one faces. Her persistence to become a survivor of breast cancer will stir your emotions throughout her book, Cancer Is Tough, Be Tougher. This is an inspirational book that will show you how to receive the motivation, attitude, and knowledge to be a survivor.

"As a plastic surgeon it gives me great gratification to care for women throughout their journey with breast cancer. It is crucial that all women undergoing mastectomy have an opportunity to discuss breast reconstruction with a board certified plastic surgeon. Sandra's journey was remarkable and I am proud to have been a part of her story."
Jason Cacioppo, MD
Assistant professor of Surgery
IU Medical Center in Indianapolis

"As a pastor I deal with a lot of people in crisis. Human instinct wants to avoid harsh realities and engage in self delusion to keep the bitter truth at a distance. In this book you will discover the Sandra-Lofland-Brown method: which is to confront and to overcome. The title only hints at what Sandra's faith and determination allows her to do. Readers will find in her story the inspiration to confront reality when it comes crashing through the door of our safe, well ordered lives."
Keith D. Strain, Pastor
First Christian Church
Crawfordsville, Indiana

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